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  1. moritz 1h 36m ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    I'm sorry, I didn't post yesterday because the Wi-Fi was out.

    Here are new postcards of amazing and lovely Japan.

    The mailbox at Hakata Station is dedicated to love letters.

    The phone booth at Kurokawa is dedicated to eternal Japan.

    The Sakura Shinkansen is dedicated to idols.

    The Kuroneko "Takkyubin" is dedicated to baggage transfer.

    The City of Kurokawa is dedicated to hot springs.

    You can boil your eggs for dinner while you are at the onsen.

    The driving hedgehog rented a Nissan Dayz to explore the Land of Aso Volcano. An action camera was mounted on the windscreen in order to capture crossing hedgehogs.

    Unfortunately, the Aso Volcano was in eruption and all the hiking trails were closed. Ask this Buddha if you can't believe it !

    The Aso Volcano is not road-friendly.

    Cleanliness and discipline at the hotel too !

    See you tomorrow !

  2. angelxxuan 1d 21h ago

    aww it lights up at night! and anything that can withstand a 7 and high winds, probably category 2 or 3 cyclone is a building indeed.

    if one has a gambling problem and short on cash it's best to avoid the Pachinko revolution. sure it's fun and all, but also dangerous, it can suck money off your card in hours if you're not careful. it's so simple even grandma can do it!

    Mandarake for all your, well, everything needs! and not bad prices either, since that stuff tends to be more pricey here, but since they don't have to import it or export it (other than making it), that could be why it's cheap there. and I have a feeling they might already have it subbed and/or dubbed since, when watching some of Japan's programming they sub it for the tourists and/or folks who do not know Japanese. Japan, one of the most polite countries in the world, equally probably one of the most perverted :O

    enjoy your hike moritz I know you will :)

  3. moritz 2d 0h ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    The wandering hedgehog is tired of walking through the streets but has fallen in love with Fukuoka, a busy, futuristic and beautiful city.
    The Fukuoka Tower, 234 m high, is a glittering jewel. It's built to withstand an earthquake with an intensity of 7 and very strong winds.

    Pachinko fever is everywhere, and here close to Hakata Station.

    No geek culture without Mandarake.

    See you tomorrow before hiking on Mt. Aso.

  4. UberDog 2d 17h ago

    @moritz: In the last image the guy standing buy the Blue cooler does not look very happy about his picture being taken! O.O

  5. angelxxuan 2d 20h ago

    well fly safely, after all, and don't forget your parachutes!

    as for power lines, like many countries, including the states they are outdated and over ran, especially in the big/er cites. places like New York (states) it's pretty much looking like that.

    I've always wanted to take a bullet train ride :( however, for those with some extra yen you can take an old fashioned train ride (not bullet train) that you can ride in style, sleep and enjoy the experience of a slower ride threw Japan. it costs around 2k US dollars, but, from the tourist fun, well worth the weekish long trip.

    on top of that dude's car is that a solar panel? a sign? I can't tell from this angle, but that's the streets of Japan for you. any large state/area looks like that, that must be a slow day because I've seen far busier. these days buses/shuttle buses are more popular than taxi. guess you can push someone out of the way better in a bus?

    never ever visit Japan without visiting some food stalls and enjoying some cheat yet delicious foods! after all, it can't be all that bad, in Tokyo prefecture there's a street dedicated to nothing but food! I suppose anyone visiting anywhere should never pass up on the chance of having fun with some food stalls. in Japan they tend to be cleaner and a less chance of getting sick with food poisoning, but, be cautious yet enjoy.

    thanks for the pictures moritz, you sure do keep us entertained, so keep up the good work of taking those wonderful, interesting, bizarre or fun images.

  6. moritz 3d 1h ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    Thanks for supporting the flying hedgehog.

    I'm always amazed at how the Japanese electricians link the electric wires. And it works !

    The Kanda River is flowing through Akihabara and is used as a transport system.

    This "Hikari" Shinkansen is going to leave soon with the hedgehog on board.

    If you intend to visit Kobe, you'll not wait a long time before taking a cab.

    Fukuokais is awesome by night with those food stalls built along the canal.

    To be continued...

  7. angelxxuan 3d 21h ago

    oh my gosh you got to go play with your cousins at the hedgehog cafe! ironically enough, if you like rats and plushies you can now dine with those guys too. have no clue where those cafes are but I know they are somewhere in Japan. sadly you cannot take the little critters with you, so, cruelly dining with a plushie only to see someone else dine with it... and that's one detailed turtle shot! you showing off those camera stats without a doubt!

    can't wait to encounter another day with the hedgehog, you bring activity to the group and share your adventure to boot.

  8. UberDog 3d 21h ago

    @moritz: Your image captures are awesome. You make it feel as if we are all there with you on this wonderful trip.

    Again we wish you safe travels and good food and drink.

  9. moritz 4d 1h ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    Shinjuku-Gyoen gardens are a beautiful and quiet place in downtown Tokyo.

    They also can hide terrible monsters...

    Of course, the cursing hedgehog went to the Hedgehog Cafe at Harajuku. They all have blonde hair, unlike the Japanese.

    If you prefer cats or owls, I know the best places.

    Sale + Rain = Umbrella Wars, as in Harajuku.

    See you tomorrow, after a Shinkansen trip to Fukuoka.

  10. angelxxuan 4d 19h ago

    remember to dress coolly, it's really hot and humid at the moment in Japan so take caution with your travels in that aspect as well, can't have you fainting from the weather if you're not use to it.

    unfortunately perversion is a common thing in Japan, just travel the darker areas and you can find some rather interesting vending machines. they may seem prudish but they are far from it.

    as a side note, for those unaware, when they build shrines and temples they always leave an imperfection somewhere, sometimes obvious sometimes not so much, so it will not anger the god/s they are representing in said places.

    great shots and shares thanks too much, can't wait to spy where that hedgehog will run around in next.

  11. moritz 5d 0h ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    Thanks for your support, I'll survive all my emotions.
    Shibuya remains Shibuya, and Hachiko is still waiting in all this excitement.

    Today, I climbed Takao-san, a small mountain rising an hour by train from Tokyo-Shinjuku. The weather was wet, but there was a strange atmosphere while walking in the mist under the old trees. Of course, the Fuji-san could not be seen, but I was intrigued by a shrine situated in the forest near the top.
    Yakuo-In is devoted to Tengus, demon-like messengers of the deities and buddhas. The first one has a big nose, while the other one has a beak of crow.

    I hope Mods would not delete these holy representations of well-intentioned beings. Those who would see there hentai pictures would be swept away by the uchiwa of the first Tengu !

    See you tomorrow !

  12. UberDog 5d 18h ago

    Thank you for sharing all the GREAT images moritz! I really think that you are keeping us abreast of your travels. >.< All silliness aside you look like you are having a ton-O-fun.

    Stay safe and have a great time!

  13. angelxxuan 5d 22h ago

    well they do say the eyes are the window to the soul...

    boobies! but thanks for dropping off the comic con fun, it looks like any other con, everyone having fun enjoying themselves and showing off their stitching skills. granted this is THE con.

    thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the next exciting adventure with the hedgehog!

  14. moritz 6d 0h ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    The wandering hedgehog is about to sleep after an exciting day at the Comic Market 92. He'll have sweet dreams since a charming cosplayer told him he had beautiful eyes ^_^
    It was a fantastic day among thousands of fans and it was easy to get there using the Yurikamome automatic transport system.
    I visited the T2 Art Works, Karomix, Pink Chuchu, Pastel Wing, WNB Mark booths and many others.
    A cosplay event took place in the gardens and I hope you'll not be disappointed by the following pictures.

    Oyasumi Nasai !

  15. UberDog 1wk 2d ago

    @mortiz: You are most correct as to there being "perspective" in the use of the term.

    And I have to agree with Bunny....WE NEED LOTS-O-IMAGES of you trip!

    Stay safe and have a blast dude.

  16. angelxxuan 1wk 2d ago

    oh my gosh moritz you're going to one of my favorite places, the floating torii! I sure do hope that you take lots of pictures and share with us again like you did on your last vacation trip across Japan. be safe and have some fun, and you know, going to a convention and not taking pictures of some of the outfits is sort of rude for anyone ;) be a happy tourist and hope to hear from you soon with your grand adventures across Japan once more!

  17. moritz 1wk 3d ago

    @UberDog : OK, why not. But I'm sure that Inside Japan it does not refer exclusively to Japanese Animation, because anime is short for animēshon, which comes from the English word animation. Only outside Japan, it is restricted to animation coming from Japan. In France, we use the words "anime", "Japanime" or "Japanimation". There is Japan and... the rest of the world.

    merged: 08-08-2017 ~ 09:06pm
    Konnichiwa Japanese Lovers !

    The Comic Market 92 will take place from 11 to 13 August 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight, which is Japan's largest convention center and is located on an island in Tokyo Bay.
    I'll be there on Sunday 13 and I'll have to work my way through a large crowd of manga, anime, game and cosplay lovers (500,000 during the week-end).
    I got the bible, which is a huge 1,500 page catalog containing all the information you need day by day on events, circles and cosplay animation.

  18. UberDog 1wk 3d ago

    @moritz: Do you think when you go to Japan you could do something for the Japaneselover Group? Could you ask a sample of random people if in Japan they refer to anime as anime or cartoons or just animation? I think getting some input directly from the source as it be could clear up some mistakenly use nomenclature being used on this site by some staff and members.

    We all hope you have a safe and wonderful journey.

    P.S. - We promise not to steal any of your hedgehogs while you are gone. >.<

  19. moritz 1wk 4d ago

    Konnichiwa Japanese Lovers !
    Pretty soon, I'm going to start a new trip to Japan and I would like to share with you the best moments that I'll live in this awesome country.
    I'll start with the Comic Market 92 at Tokyo Big Sight, and some walks in the Streets of the capital. Then, I'll take a Shinkansen to Fukuoka (Kyushu Island), in order to discover this futuristic city. After that, I'll spend two days hiking in the volcanic land of Mt. Aso. On arriving at Kagoshima, I'll explore the beautiful bay, overlooked by the terrific Mt. Sakurajima. I'll take a train to Onomichi, a charming town facing the Inland Sea. Then, I'll go to Shikoku Island on a bicycle, riding from island to island through suspended bridges. A boat will take me from Matsuyama to Hiroshima, and I'll go to the Miyajima fireworks, the greatest in Japan. I'll spend the last days between Okayama, Kyoto and Osaka. Well, I can't wait to be there !

    P.S. : no ecchi scan will be uploaded during this period, but I'll take this opportunity to increase my doujinshi collection.

  20. UberDog 2wk 1d ago

    @Tsasu: So in a nutshell.... PM's are NOT P !

    And now you know and will post accordingly.

    Have a wonderful day! =^.~=

    Oh and just to keep it on topic....I am going to eat Asian food this evening.

    Welcome aboard HatedAngel !

  21. angelxxuan 2wk 1d ago

    I know right Tsasu! but the groups sure have gone quiet and we need love and life back in them again. as far as what's happening in Tokyo clicky and in Japan in general is that in Fukushima they are currently still on clean up and they want to dump the old water into the sea including the beginning of finding more mutant animals such as this little guy. it's an older video but mutation shark all the same clicky

    and it's an old adventure knowledge of PMs, that they really aren't private. staff can read them, as any site can, but a lot of staff in the past read and either edited, deleted them or they passed the drama info around. so, basically if you stated anything or have stated anything incriminating, awkward, etc, then there's a good likelihood that it's well known among many of the staff folks.

  22. Tsasu 2wk 2d ago

    Oh it's you guys , It's been so long that I forgot that you get a 'note' when someone post on a group. So what's new in Tokyo?

    Also what's this about PM's?

  23. angelxxuan 2wk 2d ago

    I tend to post things everywhere, so if they want to find it, then they can stalk me more and find what I'm posting and where, otherwise, it's an open discussion anywhere and everywhere on this site, including the comical situation with PMs. so, please, discuss anything ever related to Japan, that's what this group if for after all.

    for me I'm currently getting prepared for the 15th of August when my celebrations begin again with Obon. so I've been busy with that, I rather enjoy honoring my ancestors because, seriously, I wouldn't be here without them.

    And welcome to the group HatedAngel glad to have you here with us.

  24. UberDog 2wk 2d ago

    I am really confused now. @angelxxuan: Are you sure this is the proper place to have this discussion? It seems that shop talk is now taking place in the SB and I have no clue as to where this simple misunderstanding can be cleared up. I shall try here first. *takes a deep breath*

    Anime is a REGIONAL TERM for animation that is produced IN JAPAN. Any other animation from any other place is IN FACT just animation. Personally I consider any hand drawn cells or CGI to be just animation. So folks if it is not FROM JAPAN then it is NOT ANIME.

    And now you know...and knowing is half the battle.

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