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  1. moritz 1h 27m ago

    Konnichiwa, Japanese Lovers !

    The wandering hedgehog is enjoying Japan and would not forget to share some great moments of his trip.

    On Tuesday 14 August, Ochanomizu Station at Akihabara was a good spot to watch trains

    Some beautiful shrines are hidden behind the skycrapers

    On wednesday 15 August, Yokohama was the right place to celebrate Pikachu’s Birthday

    And the Sunshine City at Ikebukuro was a great spot to watch the Sky Tree (but not the Fuji-san)

    On Thursday 16 August, the Great Buddah at Kamakura was radiant

    The Engaku-ji gardens were peaceful

  2. UberDog 1wk 0d ago

    Hurray for you moritz! We all can't wait to see all the awesome images you capture on your adventure.

  3. moritz 1wk 0d ago

    Konnichiwa Japanese Lovers !
    Pretty soon, I will be back again in Japan and I would like to share with you the best moments that I'll live during my trip.
    I'll start in Tokyo and Kamakura, then I'll take a Shinkansen to Otsu, which is located on the southern shore of Lake Biwa. This will be the starting point of a 4 day bike tour around the Lake Biwa (Biwako). Then, I will be going by train to the famous Izumo Taisha Shrine. After that, I'll drive along the Coast through magnificent landscapes, with a stop at Kinosaki Onsen to enjoy the hot springs. I'll spend the last days in the bustling metropolis of Osaka. I'm looking forward to be there !

  4. UberDog 49wk 5d ago

    @moritz: Glad you had a safe and fun journey. We all enjoyed the beautiful images of Japan that you shared with us. We look forward to anything else that you want to share.

  5. angelxxuan Banned Member 49wk 6d ago

    aww so sad, home so soon :( but there's always next time! glad you made it home safe and sound, travels can be worrisome, all those annoying crying babies! yikes! @_@

    but it still amazes me how such a chaotic electrical wire strapping works. however, with that chaotic hookup they should stop asking how their electricity and land line goes down so quickly and often. not even a storm and out goes the lines. although that sounds familiar for my territory and it's suppose to be modernized. can't wait to see further adventures with the hedgehog, either past or future travels.

  6. moritz 49wk 6d ago

    Hi Japanese Lovers !

    I'm back home and happy, however I'm sad to have left Japan. I intend to post more pictures and comments during the next few weeks to extend the trip.

    I'll start with this picture :

    Electric Sun : Onomichi - Sanyo Coast, 2017.08.22

    See you soon !

  7. angelxxuan Banned Member 50wk 5d ago

    post when you got the time moritz it's all good. vacations are suppose to be fun, not riddled with obligations.

    oh my gosh you got a pre and post tide fun yay for the hedgehog! and look at the masses trying to get a good shot themselves, goodness how can you take a picture without getting a person in there.

    apparently the girl had all her essentials, a float device and her cell, well, all is set! hope that's a water proof cell or there will be complications on the car ride home.

    another Japanese castle yay! nice bridge and garden shot, and the Japanese are so considerate they even decorate manhole covers to provide a calming effect.

    the building you can drive through and I saw Woody about to enjoy some food, and that one guy looked super happy in the end, thanks once again for the shares of your adventures moritz can't wait to see another traveling installment with the hedgehog!

  8. moritz 50wk 6d ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    I'm sorry for having been too tired for posting. So much to see, so much to live !

    The Miyajima fireworks were a great, great, great festival. The show was on the earth and in the sky. 300 000 people crossing the sea and gathering around the majestic torii to share a magical moment !

    In the afternoon, the torii was surrounded by the sea.

    Many photographers and the shooting hedgehog were there to take the best shot.

    Many Japanese wore the traditional yukata.

    Sunset before the fireworks.

    Grand finale over the beautiful torii.

    Recovered serenity.

    A Japanese family on the week-end.

    Manhole at Hiroshima.

    Underground fire hydrant.

    Flying mailbox at Okayama.

    The wonderful gardens and castle of Okayama.

    Osaka from above.

    Osaka from below.

    Takoyaki festa.

    See you later !

  9. angelxxuan Banned Member 51wk 1d ago

    for those unaware beer dehydrates just as much as sweet drinks such as soda, water is the best when you have been outside playing for awhile, or Gatorade.

    aww an iconic red bike and a rare hedgehog encounter!

    oh my gosh, a pirate ship and a slide in the water!

    that private onsen looks nice, bet it felt nice after the long ride.

    can't wait for Miyajima, try to get high and low tide of that mysterious floating torii!

  10. moritz 51wk 2d ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    @uberdog : Sorry, I didn't visit the inner part of the Dogs Museum.

    The biking hedgehog has finished the Shimanami Kaido ride and is still alive, resting now at Matsuyama, on Shikoku Island. He drank and sweated gallons of water (beer was not recommended).

    Scenic view from Innoshima Island.

    Dangerous encounter...

    Moritz's bike close to the bridge between Innoshima and Ikuchijima islands

    The Long Riders are the stars of Shimanami Kaido.

    Long Rider moritz is watching the mutant creatures of the Seto Inland Sea. Ah, if the hedhehogs could swim !

    moritz's private onsen at Suminoe Ryokan.

    Sunset Beach on Ikushijima Island.

    Pirates of the Inland Sea.

    Crowded beach on Hakatajima Island.

    Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridges are 4 105 meters long.

    See you tomorrow at Miyajima.

  11. UberDog 51wk 3d ago

    @moritz: Did you find any of my cousins at the Dog Museum?

  12. angelxxuan Banned Member 51wk 3d ago

    if you're going to be that close to Hiroshima make certain to look for mutant wildlife, heck from the research I know of, there are mutant wildlife all over Japan, even in the seas of mutant sharks.

    oh my gosh what a beautiful shot of one of the Japanese castles with that sunset in the background.

    thomas the train! which serves point on a post earlier created to discuss Japanination, you will see all sorts of things in the same store related to animation.

    well at least you posted a "clean and normal" vending machine, and you so should look for the crab machine! you can catch live crab with a claw and the newest one is a crab being sold in a small box, alive! that mailbox is super friendly, for those out there who have mailboxes, it shouldn't be that complicated to mimic or do a variation of it. nothing wrong with either blending in, or being fun.

    I forget where, but someone over in Japan (maybe more) there are cat train conductors. and there's cat city, somewhere there's cat island! a tiny island by the name of Tashirojima, a true cat person's paradise!

    thanks for the shares moritz and enjoying every moment of it. have fun on your bike ride, be amazed by weird flowers if you see any.

  13. moritz 51wk 4d ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    Tomorrow, the biking hedgehog will rent a bicycle at Onomichi and follow the Shimanami Kaido road to Shikoku Island. It will take 2 days to ride from island to island, including a night in a traditional Ryokan.

    Onomichi is a very pleasant place close to Hiroshima.

    Cat City.

    Local train.

    Still life at Kurashiki, between Fukuyama and Okayama.

    Dogs Museum of Kurashiki.

    Mailbox at Kasaoka.

    Seifuku !

    Otaku !

    Vending machine !

    See you tomorrow, after having lost tons of sweat !

  14. angelxxuan Banned Member 51wk 5d ago

    at least they can see their volcano and it's activity, sadly one of the most lethal volcanoes resides in America, which is currently showing a lot of activity, wish Yellowstone will go back to sleep now.

    aww now I want a school bag!

    you know in a way the first one could be both but I'm going with Kagoshima, because it's on the coast and by the designs present, but, there again other countries do mimic other designs so it's a tough call.

    second I'm going with garage too short, Japan has space issues, that's why they have created rotating garages for more than one family housing so they can fit all their cars into one tiny spot.

    third going with real I believe it was related to when the English sailed their ships into their harbor.

  15. moritz 51wk 6d ago

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    The City of Kagoshima is dominated by the Sakurajima volcano, which violently erupted in 1955 and is still active.

    It's forbidden to approach the crater within 2 kilometers.

    The Kagoshima-Chuo station has a Ferris wheel on top.

    There are many food stalls close to the station.

    That is all you need to build a traditional girl's school bag.
    A boy's schoolbag weighs 3.2 kilograms potatoes.

    And now, let's take a little quiz !

    1) Kagoshima or Los Angeles ?

    2) Car too long or garage too short ?

    3) Real or unreal ?

    See you again tomorrow !

  16. angelxxuan Banned Member 51wk 6d ago

    in all honesty we all appeared to have moments of off the net and/or no wifi so it's all good moritz, glad you're having fun while you explore.

    leave it to the Japanese to be polite about everything, from merging modern things in with the old ways not to mention cuteness overload. that mailbox and baggage delivery is adorable! good to know that you can boil your eggs while you warm your flesh, too bad they don't have a hedgehog island like they do a deer and bunny island, maybe you could suggest it or something

    nothing like being nice with an image for those who can't read Japanese language, but an outstanding shot of the Buddha statue with the cloud cover in the background! well I'm going to assume those were clouds and not an unhappy volcano.

    last but not least my OCD would be in heaven, look at all those neat shoes! well minus a couple...

  17. moritz Aug 19, 2017

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    I'm sorry, I didn't post yesterday because the Wi-Fi was out.

    Here are new postcards of amazing and lovely Japan.

    The mailbox at Hakata Station is dedicated to love letters.

    The phone booth at Kurokawa is dedicated to eternal Japan.

    The Sakura Shinkansen is dedicated to idols.

    The Kuroneko "Takkyubin" is dedicated to baggage transfer.

    The City of Kurokawa is dedicated to hot springs.

    You can boil your eggs for dinner while you are at the onsen.

    The driving hedgehog rented a Nissan Dayz to explore the Land of Aso Volcano. An action camera was mounted on the windscreen in order to capture crossing hedgehogs.

    Unfortunately, the Aso Volcano was in eruption and all the hiking trails were closed. Ask this Buddha if you can't believe it !

    The Aso Volcano is not road-friendly.

    Cleanliness and discipline at the hotel too !

    See you tomorrow !

  18. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 17, 2017

    aww it lights up at night! and anything that can withstand a 7 and high winds, probably category 2 or 3 cyclone is a building indeed.

    if one has a gambling problem and short on cash it's best to avoid the Pachinko revolution. sure it's fun and all, but also dangerous, it can suck money off your card in hours if you're not careful. it's so simple even grandma can do it!

    Mandarake for all your, well, everything needs! and not bad prices either, since that stuff tends to be more pricey here, but since they don't have to import it or export it (other than making it), that could be why it's cheap there. and I have a feeling they might already have it subbed and/or dubbed since, when watching some of Japan's programming they sub it for the tourists and/or folks who do not know Japanese. Japan, one of the most polite countries in the world, equally probably one of the most perverted :O

    enjoy your hike moritz I know you will :)

  19. moritz Aug 17, 2017

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    The wandering hedgehog is tired of walking through the streets but has fallen in love with Fukuoka, a busy, futuristic and beautiful city.
    The Fukuoka Tower, 234 m high, is a glittering jewel. It's built to withstand an earthquake with an intensity of 7 and very strong winds.

    Pachinko fever is everywhere, and here close to Hakata Station.

    No geek culture without Mandarake.

    See you tomorrow before hiking on Mt. Aso.

  20. UberDog Aug 16, 2017

    @moritz: In the last image the guy standing buy the Blue cooler does not look very happy about his picture being taken! O.O

  21. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 16, 2017

    well fly safely, after all, and don't forget your parachutes!

    as for power lines, like many countries, including the states they are outdated and over ran, especially in the big/er cites. places like New York (states) it's pretty much looking like that.

    I've always wanted to take a bullet train ride :( however, for those with some extra yen you can take an old fashioned train ride (not bullet train) that you can ride in style, sleep and enjoy the experience of a slower ride threw Japan. it costs around 2k US dollars, but, from the tourist fun, well worth the weekish long trip.

    on top of that dude's car is that a solar panel? a sign? I can't tell from this angle, but that's the streets of Japan for you. any large state/area looks like that, that must be a slow day because I've seen far busier. these days buses/shuttle buses are more popular than taxi. guess you can push someone out of the way better in a bus?

    never ever visit Japan without visiting some food stalls and enjoying some cheat yet delicious foods! after all, it can't be all that bad, in Tokyo prefecture there's a street dedicated to nothing but food! I suppose anyone visiting anywhere should never pass up on the chance of having fun with some food stalls. in Japan they tend to be cleaner and a less chance of getting sick with food poisoning, but, be cautious yet enjoy.

    thanks for the pictures moritz, you sure do keep us entertained, so keep up the good work of taking those wonderful, interesting, bizarre or fun images.

  22. moritz Aug 16, 2017

    Konbanwa Japanese Lovers !

    Thanks for supporting the flying hedgehog.

    I'm always amazed at how the Japanese electricians link the electric wires. And it works !

    The Kanda River is flowing through Akihabara and is used as a transport system.

    This "Hikari" Shinkansen is going to leave soon with the hedgehog on board.

    If you intend to visit Kobe, you'll not wait a long time before taking a cab.

    Fukuokais is awesome by night with those food stalls built along the canal.

    To be continued...

  23. angelxxuan Banned Member Aug 15, 2017

    oh my gosh you got to go play with your cousins at the hedgehog cafe! ironically enough, if you like rats and plushies you can now dine with those guys too. have no clue where those cafes are but I know they are somewhere in Japan. sadly you cannot take the little critters with you, so, cruelly dining with a plushie only to see someone else dine with it... and that's one detailed turtle shot! you showing off those camera stats without a doubt!

    can't wait to encounter another day with the hedgehog, you bring activity to the group and share your adventure to boot.

  24. UberDog Aug 15, 2017

    @moritz: Your image captures are awesome. You make it feel as if we are all there with you on this wonderful trip.

    Again we wish you safe travels and good food and drink.

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